Why Trucks are more likely to get Damaged Windshields

Posted on January 23, 2017 By

A logistics company that owns a fleet of trucks will have a long record of repair and maintenance work done on their vehicles. It is not a surprise that they pay a lot to fix damages on their trucks because their fleet travels a lot all over their base of operations always bringing a heavy load of products or materials.


Many small business owners own trucks to use for their business. They can easily purchase these vehicles from their trusted truck dealership. It helps them deliver their products to clients or haul supplies from their suppliers. Even in small businesses, trucks spend a lot of travel time on the road.


The longer the truck is on the road the higher the risk for damages like dents and ding on the chassis. A more common damage that occurs on vehicles on the road are chipped or cracked windshields.


Experienced truck drivers will tell you that it is a common scenario that a rock flies towards the truck and hits the windshield. The speed and toughness of the rock will create a break on the windshield once it hits. Drivers unknowingly hit a rock on the road as they sped up and the rock shoots up to hit the glass.


This is really an unfortunate incident for drivers and owners alike because they can’t just simply chase after the driver and make him/her pay for the damaged windshield. First off, it was an accident which means they can’t be liable for it.


Insurance companies don’t really treat this situation as the responsibility of the driver who caused the rock to hit your truck. There are many other situations which are exceptions for insurance contracts to pay for the damaged windshield.


They are classified as road hazards which falls on the driver to avoid. Any damage caused by these “road hazards” will not be covered under your insurance claims which means you have to use your own money to get your windshield repaired.


Prompt repair of the damaged windshield must be done because most countries and states classify a truck with a damaged windshield not road worthy. This means a police officer can cite the driver of the truck with a violation. It is additional cost because you as the owner has to pay the fee for the violation.


Trucks that are not road worthy also means that they aren’t allowed to travel on the road. Your business will suffer because an integral part of your operations is restricted from travelling opening a logistic problem.


Damaged windshields causes a big headache for truck owners. In order to get rid of this problem, owners and companies need to find a windshield repair company that provides a full repair service for this type of car damage.


Professional windshield repair specialists operate in many areas. Many of them have highly-skilled technicians that can give quick and quality repair to damaged windshields. There are even companies who offer OEM original windshield for many car brands for windshields with irreparable.


For truck owners, a partnership with a windshield repair company is even more important because the higher risk for damage on their windshield. Your truck’s windshields should be fixed right away for continuous operations.